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Lokelani Roses Hydrosol

Lokelani Roses Hydrosol

Our Lokelani Rose hydrosols are made with 100% organic Lokelani roses (damascena rose).

This beauty potion  hydrates, heals, balances the PH on skin while uplifting your vibrational frequency.

Among many other benefits Lokelani Roses hydrosol have anti-inflammatory effects and it's antioxidant.




Suggested use:


Facial toner: Spray onto the face and neck after cleansing with one of our face washes. Use as a natural facial toner for a more gentle clarifying and cooling treatment. Mist face before moisturizing soften and hydrate; or mist face after moisturizing to set make-up. Can be used multiple times throughout the day as a skin refresher.



Lokelani Rose hydrosol


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